How can your company or organisation benefit from Juglans Mind Body coaching through workshops?

According to your needs, we can host workshops covering a wide range of key health and wellbeing topics, enabling your people to develop their wellbeing potential in an international environment. Improved wellbeing leads to better performance in the employment sphere collectively, and ones’ private life individually.

You can request a customised theme for your workshop session directly, or we can co-create a topic that suits your department or team best through a meeting.

To give you an idea, you may choose to include the following topics in your tailor made workshop so the participants can develop:

  • stress regulation,
  • energy improvement,
  • handling change or transition,
  • understanding of intercultural communication,
  • mental health resilience,
  • insights on the impact of (negative) stress,
  • the benefits of a strong well-being policy,
  • physical health encouragement,
  • comprehension of the impact of night shift work (on mental and physical performance).

Apart from progression regarding the theme of your workshop, we strive for the participants to strengthen their shared connection (team building), to take responsibility for their own actions and wellbeing, and to build resilience through practical tips and tools.

How are our workshops structured?


A workshop starts by aiming to establish a connection between the people in the room, as well as between your company and the participants if needed.


After that, the focus of each workshop lies on creating awareness of the theme through an open conversation, in which there is room for exchange and interaction. During the workshops we continue to practice engagement among the participants, for example through shared experiences.


According to the duration of the workshop, insight into the topics will be discussed generally, or more in depth.


Practical actionable tips will be incorporated throughout the workshop so the participants will get the chance to build resilience, and are offered to take responsibility applied to their own situation.


If called for, feedback from participants can be gathered to assess the impact of the workshop.

How many participants can take part in a workshop?

This depends fully on your needs and possibilities. A workshop can be held with 2 people or more. It is also possible to request individual coaching sessions within your organisation or company.

How long does a workshop take?

You can book workshops from 1 hour onwards, as a lunch session for example, or book a half day or full day according to your requirements and topics.

Examples of previous workshop themes:

  • Energy boosting for young professionals.
  • Improved lifestyle habits in the work environment.
  • Mental Health & Wellbeing in a nutshell.
  • Transactional Analysis and its benefits in communication within your team members.

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