Start with individual Juglans Mind Body coaching sessions for a personal approach.

Although our coaching is complementary, Veronica focuses on the mental wellbeing which is inherently connected to the body, and Broes focuses on the physical wellbeing which has a big impact on the mind as well. And we both would like to support, and offer guidance to expats and internationals on how to better adapt themselves to all the related challenges of expatriation, on a mental and physical level.

We understand that you may prefer guidance in either one of our individual areas of expertise. In that case we would encourage you to contact us individually.

And don’t worry, you can still benefit from both of us because if you book sessions with one, you’re offered a free session with the other as well.

How Veronica can support you:

I will listen to your story, attuned with empathy, and I would not judge you, because none knows better than you what is the best for yourself.

My focus is to help expat families (moms, dads, kids, individuals, to make their life abroad as easy and enjoyable as possible. Therefore my services include mental wellbeing coaching, parenting support, life coaching, mothers to be, starring mothers, etcetera.

How Broes can support you:

I will guide you to take care of your own health through personalised coaching to support your body and nourish your mind. So you can feel empowered to make gradual habit changes that lead to a healthier lifestyle, anywhere in the world.

I’ll support you in a non-judgemental way, with empathic understanding across different cultures. 



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