Although our coaching is complementary, Veronica focuses on the mental wellbeing which is inherently connected to the body, and Broes focuses on the physical wellbeing which has a big impact on the mind as well. And we both would like to support, and offer guidance to expats and internationals on how to better adapt themselves to all the related challenges of expatriation, on a mental and physical level.

This applies also to young professionals who would like to be guided towards a more balanced way of life, and would like to discover how to improve energy, and also how to save it and spend it in a more efficient way.

You may want to understand intercultural communication and how to widen your own frame of reference to be able to live in harmony in the host country. By looking at your interactions differently, you can improve your communication and stimulate your brain with positive alignment.

You may want to gain insight into what balanced nourishment looks like.

Whatever you are looking for, we encourage you to implement your newly found insights into your daily life straight away.

We understand that you may prefer guidance in either one of our individual areas of expertise. In that case we would encourage you to contact us individually.

And don’t worry, you can still benefit from both of us because if you book sessions with one, you’re offered a free session with the other as well.



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